Winter Wellness for the Little Ones

Boost Immunity Naturally

The kids are not long back to school and already I am seeing lots of infection going around. Parents are looking for ways to help keep their young ones from missing any school days. Especially anyone in exam years. The main problems that I am seeing are colds and flu with runny nose, coughs, and painful sore throats. There is lot of sinus problems too. I thought you might like a little reminder of some of the natural remedies that may help support their immune system and relieve symptoms.

Natural Remedies to support immunity

Vitamin D is a popular choice to support immunity. Better You Vitamin D Oral Spray is one of our customer’s favourites as it is easy to administer and is easily absorbed. You can choose from Infants, or Junior which is suitable from age 5, and for teenagers you could choose 1,000IU. Adults can take the 3,000 IU, I would recommend this strength for the next month or two until the weather starts to improve. Vitamin D supports immunity, it is antiviral, and is also important for bone health.

There are lots of coughs going around. For this there’s Fortuss Cough Syrup, it contains Manuka Honey, renowned for its antimicrobial properties. It creates a protective layer that adheres to irritated mucosa giving fast relief. You can take it to help relieve a dry cough or a production one. It’s suitable for adults and for children from one year of age. The syrup on it's own might be enough for some of you but for stubborn coughs and recurring viral infections I would make sure to give them the Vitamin D as well.

Elderberry is one of natures’ finest antiviral respiratory plants and is a favourite of mine. Many parents with kids who seem to pick up every respiratory infection going often recommend Elderberry. There are many brands to choose from. For example, Biocare Elderberry Complex which has been especially designed for children. It contains highly concentrated elderberry extract to support their immunity and strengthen their immune system. It also contains vitamin C and Zinc for immune support. It tastes great and is suitable from age 3. For younger children you could take a look at the Sambucol range. Elderberry combines well with Vitamin D and can be taken alongside the Fortuss Cough Syrup if needed.

To relieve a congested nose there’s Otosan Nasal Spray Baby. It soothes irritation and inflammation of the mucous membrane, and reduces congestion so that your baby/child can breathe easier and get to sleep faster. This is a bonus for you, because if your kid sleeps you might get a decent night’s sleep too!

Supporting energy levels

Often after a bout of illness you will notice that your child can be lacking in energy. This will improve over time once they get back sleeping and eating well again. If, in the meantime you would like to top up on nutrients to support their energy there is lots to choose from. One of the most popular ones is Revive Active Junior which is suitable for 4-12 years of age. Or Revive Active Teen suitable from 13-18 and great for the exam students. This is a super supplement that contains vitamin D, Beta Glucans, live friendly bacteria and nutrients to support overall health. This is a popular choice as you only have to give it to your child on weekdays, you have the weekends off.

Boost gut bacteria to support immunity

There is a lot of research suggesting how important our gut bacteria are in supporting our immunity. A diet that is highly processed and has lots of sugars can deplete good gut bacteria and encourage the growth of bad bacteria. Antibiotics too will kill of the important good gut bacteria so remember to reboost their good gut microbiome with some probiotics. In fact, supporting gut health is a great way to support immunity naturally so topping up now and then throughout the year is a good idea. There are lots of brands to choose from including Udo's Choice For Infants or for Children or take a look at Biocare Mindlinx Complex for children. These are popular choices.

These are just some of the natural solutions that may help keep your children healthy this season.

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