Natural Solutions For Thinning Hair

Why is my hair falling out?

I often get asked about thinning hair and hair falling out. This can affect people of all ages. It is a distressing problem that can cause stress, anxiety, and embarrassment. For most people there is a cause at the root of it.

Common reasons for hair loss: Hormonal changes, especially during the menopause, can contribute to hair loss. Low testosterone levels in men and women can cause issues with hair growth. Thyroid problems or other medical issues can be a factor. Stress can affect your hair growth and you may not see the negative effect of stress for several months after a highly stressful period. Stress can deplete your B Vitamins and Vitamin C. It can lead to inadequate digestion of the food that you eat which can mean that you are not absorbing the vital nutrients for hair health, so stress management is important.

Foods to support hair growth

Nutrient deficiencies can include: B Vitamins, amino acids (the building blocks of protein), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, and omega 3, 6 and 9. Nuts, seeds, oily fish, good quality seed oils like hemp, flax, or walnut would provide extra omega oils. Nuts and seeds are a natural source of B Vitamins and protein. Pulses and lentils, poultry, red meat, nuts, and eggs are other sources of protein. Pumpkin seeds provide zinc. Vitamin C, found in fresh fruit and vegetables, will help support collagen production.

I think that it is important to remember that how you digest and absorb food will have a huge impact on how much of the nutrients you eat will be absorbed. It won't matter how healthy your diet is if you don't absorb the nutrients. If you try to eat when you are relaxed and be mindful of what you are eating it will help improve digestion and absorption. Chew your food well, and only sip drinks with your food. You could have a herbal tea that supports digestion with your meal or sip a glass of water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar added to it.

If you experience bloating, flatulence, wind, heartburn, or any digestive problem it could be a sign that you need some extra digestive support. It might be helpful to take digestive enzymes with each meal for a short period of time to improve the situation.

Supplements to help thinning hair

Biotin is one of the most sought-after supplements for hair loss. Many hairdressers recommend it to their clients. Biotin is a B vitamin also known as vitamin B7. It’s an important vitamin most commonly known for skin and hair health. You will find it in eggs, nuts, and sweet potatoes. Biotin is in many supplements for hair support, but some may be looking for a higher dose. Solgar Biotin 5,000ug is one of our most popular Biotin supplements as a one-a-day capsule. It would combine well with Solgar B100 Complex if you are experiencing a lot of stress and would work alongside any omega oil that you take.

Other supplements for hair loss include Nourkrin, this supplement contains nutrients to nourish the hair follicles and supports the normal hair growth cycle. Or New Nordic Hair Volume, one I have spoken about many times. This contains zinc, biotin, and amino acids.

This is just some of the supplements that you could take a look at to improve your hair condition and growth.

Weleda Rosemary Revitalising hair tonic

Weleda Rosemary Revitalising Hair Tonic is a popular natural treatment against hair and scalp problems, used for hair loss and thinning hair. It is said that rosemary can increase blood flow to the scalp. You massage in into the scalp daily it is great because you don't have to wash it out and it doesn't leave your hair looking greasy. Many find that their hair looks and feels better and with improvements in the amount of hair loss too.

An old fashioned solution was to alternate hot and cold showers on your head on a daily basis. It stimulates and invigorates the scalp.

Trying to figure out what is causing the problem can be difficult. A combination of healthy diet, lifestyle, stress reduction and additional support of supplements may help your hair growth get back to normal. If you have hair follicles then you have hope. Talk to someone today, you are not alone.

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