Tips to Help Relieve Constipation

Constipation is a Common Condition

Constipation is a common condition that can affect children and adults. Being constipated means that you are not having regular bowel movements. This can cause bloating and discomfort, or it can cause piles from over straining. While constipation is not a serious medical condition, you’ll feel far more comfortable when things move according to plan.

Some experts recommend that you have a bowel movement every day, and after every meal. Most of you will be lucky to have one movement per day! However, if you haven’t had a bowel movement after 3 days it would be worth talking to your doctor about it.

Foods to eat to relieve constipation

Drink plenty of water, warm water is better. Eat foods rich in fibre including whole grains and green leafy vegetables which are naturally rich in magnesium. If you don't eat much green leafy vegetables you could take a magnesium supplement to top up on this important nutrient. Add linseeds/flax seeds to porridge to increase fibre. For more persistent problems try psyllium husks added to food or water. Figs, prunes, or prune juice can help. If you’re intolerant to a food and you don’t realise it, it could be causing you a problem. For example, wheat bran flakes are commonly used to help relieve constipation but if you have a sensitivity to them, it could cause constipation rather than help it. You could try a cup of herbal tea; Linda likes Dr Stuarts Lax Plus Tea; she says it works a treat to get things moving. Depending on how she feels, she will take either one or two teabags per cup. Exercise can help improve bowel function; it helps to get everything moving.

Supplements to help Constipation

It’s important to have adequate gut microbiome to maintain gut function. Consider Udo's Choice Super 8 Gold if you have constipation associated with Irritable Bowel Disease as it contains 102 billion “friendly” bacteria per capsule. 80% of which are bifidum bacteria, the main strain used in the lower bowel.

Children may benefit from Udo’s Choice Infant Blend or Udo’s Choice Children’s Blend for the older child aged 5-15. Children can be afraid or nervous about going to the loo in school and this can cause them to hold on too long. Jan De Vries Bowel Essence works well to relieve constipation in children when it associated with nervousness or anxiety. It’s added to water and is suitable from two years of age.

If diet, exercise, friendly bacteria, and Linda's favourite tea don't work for you it could be worth looking at your liver. Some people see results when they take supplements like Milk Thistle. A sluggish liver could be contributing to constipation. Many women experience constipation for the first time during the menopause, if this is the case I would work on the liver for a while. The liver will be working hard to detox toxins from the body. Even if you don't take a drink it could be worth trying. Irish Botanica Milk Thistle contains milk thistle and nothing else, you could try this. If you are also experiencing digestive system symptoms you could try A.Vogel Milk Thistle Complex as it has a mixture of herbs to support liver and gallbladder.

I hope these tips help to get things moving for you.

A cup or tea of Dr Stuart's Lax Plus Tea helps get me moving!

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