Support for Thinning Hair

Common Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss and thinning hair can be distressing and is a fairly common complaint. In my experience, stress, thyroid issues, peri- menopause, and nutritional deficiencies can cause it. I would suggest that you get your bloods done to rule out hormonal and thyroid issues. If you take supplements that contain biotin, a common B vitamin used to help lessen hair loss and for healthy skin. Stop taking it for a few days before the test as biotin may affect the blood test results. Thankfully in most cases hair growth returns to normal.

Supplements to help

Healthy hair begins from the inside. New Nordic Hair Volume one a day tablet is an award-winning and clinically proven supplement that helps maintain healthy hair. The tablet contains apple extract which contains follicle stimulating vitamin B2, millet extract which is one of the building blocks of hair protein, horsetail a natural source of silica, with amino acids, biotin, zinc and copper to nourish the hair and promote volume. I have seen excellent results with customers, including myself, who have taken Hair Volume. Especially when dietary and lifestyle changes are made too.

Stress is one of the biggest causes of hair loss that I see. I know that is easy for me to say but over the years there have been many times when I have spoken to customers about their thinning hair only to find out that was a lot of stress in their lives. In some cases the stress is present in their lives and other times the hair loss is a consequence of stress that they experienced months earlier. Basically when you're stressed your body is not able to digest food as well as it normally would. Therefore you don't get the full benefit of the nutrients from your food. Resulting in undernourished hair follicles. Supplements that contain B vitamins to support psychological function, and herbs like Ashwagandha may help. I know lots of people who have resolved the issue when they deal with the stress. Stressveda is an example, it contains both B vitamins and Ashwagandha and may help you deal with the stress so that your body has the resources to heal itself.

Support Hormonal Health

Either of these supplements could be combined, for men, with Cleanmarine For Men, it’s a great Omega 3 and Multivitamin blend which also contains zinc to support testosterone levels. Women could combine them with Cleanmarine Menomin which is formulated for extra nutritional support for peri-menopausal and menopausal women. It contains B vitamins and Soya. These are worth including if you need hormonal support.

Weleda Rosemary Condition and Shine Hair Oil

After washing your hair, if you are brave enough you could make the final rinse with cold water. This is meant to stimulate the hair follicles. Another option is Weleda Rosemary Condition and Shine Hair Oil. It contains Rosemary Essential oil which is traditionally used as a hair tonic, for condition and shine and to stimulate the scalp. My son recently experienced some hair loss after an infection. He decided to try the Weleda Rosemary hair oil. I have to say that it was extremely effective. Needless to say, he was delighted. I was sorry that I hadn’t taken a before and after photograph.

Hair loss can affect your quality of life, I hope that these tips help you get to the root cause.

Hair loss can affect your quality of life, I hope that these tips help you get to the root cause.

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