Struggling to fit into your summer clothes?

Sometimes you just need that little bit of help.

Are you thinking about how you will fit back into your summer clothes? Looking for a supplement to help but confused by the sheer choice of supplements that could support you? Maybe you’re struggling to get started? Do you need something for fat burning, fluid retention, or to help feel satisfied? Here are a few supplements I have selected to suit these different needs in combination with a healthy lifestyle.

Help is at hand.

If it’s a fat burner you need then try New Nordic Fat Burner. I think this one is the perfect choice. The ingredients include choline which contributes to normal metabolism of fat, combined with black cumin, ginger, green tea, milk thistle, and yerba mate. Yerba mate is traditionally used to burn stored fat, converting it to energy. If the fat is used for energy, it won’t be sitting on your hips! Black Pepper may support metabolism and help burn calories more effectively. Many of you will be excited to try this if you’re looking to burn fat.

If you’re struggling to get started, take a look at Go Cal plus Saffron Slim. Each tablet contains Apple Cider Vinegar, saffron, dandelion, and chromium picolinate which helps balance blood glucose levels. Saffron is traditionally used to support mood and may help give you the kick start you’re looking for.

Fluid retention sometimes can be an issue

Are you retaining fluid and feeling bloated? Then consider apple cider vinegar, it has a long history of traditional use for maintaining healthy weight, fluid balance, and support for healthy metabolism. If you want to avoid the strong taste, try New Nordic High Strength Apple Cider tablets with “the mother”. It contains 2160mg apple cider vinegar in three tablets. It also contains dandelion and artichoke. Consider this one for fluid retention and metabolism.

Keep hunger pangs at bay.

Need something to stop you feeling hungry, then try New Nordic Seaweed Diet. It contains kelp which aids weight management, combined with dandelion, artichoke, and chromium. I tried it myself as I was constantly hungry and it stopped me thinking about food. Choose this to help you feel more satisfied between meals.

Remember supplements are only intended to support and get you started. A combination of a healthy diet, lifestyle, and supporting nutrients will help you achieve your goals.

NB: All weight loss procedures must be followed in conjunction with a balanced nutritional diet. New Nordic Fat Burner suitable for over 18s only.

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