Stress and Natural Solutions to Help

Stress is a Normal Part of Living

Stress is an interesting conversation that I often have with people in the shop. Some of you will be in denial about stress perhaps because you feel that it doesn’t affect you. After all stress is a normal part of living, it’s a healthy response from the body to things that are going on in your life.

Working from home can be a source of stress

It’s not healthy when you don’t deal with excessive stress effectively. There are many sources of stress. For example, you could be working from home and you haven’t the proper space to work from, or there are constant interruptions. Ok it’s great because you don’t have to get dressed if you don’t want to. And you can take breaks when it suits. But there can be problems of bad internet connections, or you can’t contact someone when you need to resolve a problem. You might internalise the stress or you might be snapping at everyone.

Common symptoms associated with stress

Here are some common symptoms associated with excess stress: lack of energy, disturbed sleep patterns, irritability, recurring infections, and low sex drive. It can affect your mood; you can be irritable or you can be quieter than normal and withdrawn. It can cause headaches, and weaken the immune system resulting in frequent colds. Stress increases inflammation and this could be the reason why your joints are aching. It depletes magnesium and as a result you can end up with sore tense muscles, low energy, and sleep problems.

It can be the reason that some of you turn to junk food or eat on the go. If you do this you could end up with digestive problems like bloating and wind.

Natural solutions to help you deal with stress

Do you recognise any of these signs? If yes, how can you help yourself? Perhaps you have to put in some boundaries around your work space. Maybe you need to take breaks from your work station. Or would delegating some tasks help? Some of you don’t like asking for help, you don’t want to put people out. But most people would be delighted to give you a hand.

Meditation, exercise, resting or doing something you love may relieve stress.

Natural remedies can help too, one of my favourites is FMD Stressveda, it contains Ashwaganda an adaptogenic herb with B vitamins to help support you through times of stress, helping you to feel better and have more energy too. Many people have used it for situations where they feel stressed. This can be any of the one mentions earlier, it can also be used for stress around exams, travel, or dealing with people.

If you feel stressed, it might be worth a try.

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