Rosalique 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula

Rosalique 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula

Rosalique is a “3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula” with SPF 50, providing UVA and UVB protection. It’s a formula that conceals redness instantly, providing light coverage which leaves your skin looking radiant. It gently treats and protects your skin long term. It’s especially good for redness of the skin, inflamed skin, skin prone to rosacea, ageing skin, and uneven skin tone.

Rosalique is clinically proven

Sounds amazing? I think it is. I have tried it myself, as have my two sisters, and my work colleagues too, and we all love it. Our skin looks clear when we wear it with reduced redness. It doesn’t look like we are wearing loads of makeup and best of all our skin doesn’t look red and blemished which is what we are after. It feels light on the skin which I really like. The active ingredients used in Rosalique have a clinically proven ability to successfully treat sensitive red skin. If you use it for a period of 4 to 8 weeks you can see a significant reduction in redness. It’s dermatologically tested and is suitable for Vegans.

Instantly conceals

It's a green colour which might surprise you but green neutralises red. Rosalique use a unique micro-encapsulated technology. The green coloured micro balls contain skin colouring pigments, which break when applied to the skin, to allow for an instant concealing effect. It tones down the redness and it suits fair to olive skin tones.

How to use

Simply apply in the morning, massage into your skin, you can use a sponge or brush if you prefer. If you need more coverage during the day you can reapply to the whole face or to specific areas of redness. You can use it on its own or as a primer under makeup. Men can use Rosalique too as it’s suitable for all skin types. It feels light like a moisturiser but one that covers redness.

Rosalique reduces redness associated with Rosacea

If you suffer from Rosacea, skin inflammation or redness then, I think you will love Rosalique which covers and conceals redness leaving your skin looking radiant. Symptoms of Rosacea can include red or pink patches, burning sensation, broken capillaries, and red bumps or cysts on the face. It most commonly affects the blush area of the face including the nose and cheek area.

Skin inflammation can be targeted from the inside out. If you have any inflamed skin condition consider taking Omega oils to reduce inflammation and to improve skin suppleness. Black Seed Oil is one I would consider where there is inflamed skin. Supplements that contain zinc, vitamin D, C, and probiotics can be very helpful. Many people who suffer with Rosacea can see improvements in their skin when they support their digestive health. Low stomach acid is a common problem for people who have this condition. Biocare HCL with Pepsin is a good one to try if you need to improve digestion.

I think you’ll like Rosalique and like I said sometimes you might have to work from the inside out but we can talk to you about that. We cannot recommend Rosalique highly enough. We hope you like it too.

Rosalique is the product I have been searching for, it covers my redness, I am so happy with this product.

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