Revive Your Energy Before Heading Back to School

Back To School Energy Boost

At this time of year, the whole family could do with a boost of energy and support for their immune systems after a busy summer of activities. Parents, students, and teachers can benefit from a boost of energy before heading back to school. This is where Revive Active comes in, they have something for every member of the family. I have spoken about these supplements before, and they are a popular choice by many people who are very happy to recommend them to family and friends. All the products come in sachet form and can be mixed with water, juice, and even smoothies.

Revive Active for Parents

For parents its important they support themselves, Revive Active is ideal for individuals over the age of 35 and has a unique formulation of 26 active ingredients vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help parents, just like children get the most from their busy and active lifestyles. Designed to support your energy levels, immune and nervous system, heart and circulatory system, it’s all about making sure you all stay at your best this autumn. This is one of my favourite all round supplements. I love the fact that it supports your energy, immunity, and your heart health all in the one formula. It contains a whopping 150mg of CoQ10 which is a fantastic nutrient to support energy production in the body.

Teenagers need an energy boost too

Zest Active, contains 25 active ingredients and is formulated for individuals aged between 18 - 35, who are juggling a busy lifestyle and want to get the most out of every day by supporting their immune system and energy levels. Its Ideal for teenagers off to college and even younger adults and teachers that are looking for some extra support for their active lives.

Give your kids a boost

Just like adults and teenagers, kids need a wide range of nutrients to help them be at their best. With all children back to school, it is more important than ever that your child’s immune system and energy levels are supported. Revive Junior & Teen Revive are scientifically formulated with 22 active ingredients to support the heart, bones, the immune system, and brain function. Junior Revive is created specifically for children aged 4 to 12 years old and Teen Revive is for those aged 13 to 18. Junior and Teen Revive also contain 18 Vitamins & Minerals, along with Wellmune®. These super supplements are formulated to help support your children's immunity, energy, and mental performance for the school days ahead. These come in an unflavoured powdered form so it can easily be added to smoothies, yogurts, or juice for those fussy eaters in your house.

Get revived today with Revive Active an Irish brand.

Fish oils are important too

Omega 3 found in fish oils are important too, they are fuel for the brain, your body cannot make them. So we need to get them from food or from supplements if you don't get eat enough food that contain them. Oily fish is the best source of Omega 3, you can get it from other foods but your body needs to convert it to the active EPA an DHA. There are lots of fish oil supplements to choose from. Eskimo Omega 3 is suitable for the whole family with liquid or chewable options available. And there are vegan options too if you prefer, consider brands like Testa Algae Omega 3.

Let us know if you have any questions about boosting your energy, your mood, or your brain power before heading back to school this year.

I love the fact that it supports your energy, immunity, and your heart health all in the one formula

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