How to Reduce Pain Naturally With Solgar 7

How does Solgar 7 Reduce Pain and Inflammation?

Are joint pain and stiffness holding you back from doing the things you love? Daily wear and tear can cause the breakdown of cartilage between the joints reducing the natural cushioning that occurs there. This can happen form high levels of physical activity or exercise. Sometimes doing the same movements too often like gardening, housework or spending a lot of time in front of a computer, can result in soreness and tenderness. While this discomfort can mainly be concentrated in the neck and shoulders, other parts of the body can be affected too.

Solgar 7 is a natural solution in 7 days

If you feel stiff and sore you should try Solgar 7, a natural food supplement especially formulated for joint care. It’s described as the next generation after glucosamine. Glucosamine is one of our most popular supplements for joint care, many customers find it brilliant. However, glucosamine may take up to three months to work which is not ideal if you are in pain and need relief now. This is why Solgar wanted to come up with a formula that would be faster acting. In studies Solgar 7 has been shown to improve mobility, stiffness, and to reduce discomfort, in as little as seven days.

It is one of the more expensive food supplements we stock but nevertheless customers are giving it the thumbs up. One person I know could hardly get out of their car they had so much hip discomfort. Taking Solgar 7 they couldn’t believe how good they felt.

Solgar 7 has a unique combination to reduce inflammation and pain

Solgar 7 is a unique formula which brings together 7 bio-active ingredients in one small, easy-to-swallow capsule. It contains clinically studied, patented ingredients UC-II® Collagen and 5-Loxin Advanced™ (Boswellia extract), scientifically proven to provide fast-acting support for joint discomfort. It also contains Ester-C, a highly absorbable Vitamin C, to support collagen formation, alongside turmeric root, white willow bark, ginger root and a pepper spice complex with Bioperine®. Bioperine® is believed to improve the uptake of both turmeric and the absorption of vitamin C. The combination helps reduce inflammation, improve flexibility, and reduces discomfort and pain.

Other things you can do

I would combine this or any joint care food supplement with some Omega 3 fish oils as they are important to maintain flexibility. You can choose a high-quality supplement or increase the quantity of oily fish that you consume. If you already take Glucosamine Sulphate you can continue to do so. Where there is acute pain you can add in a turmeric supplement like Flexofytol or Solgar Full Spectrum Curcumin. It is important to look after your footwear as wearing the wrong footwear can lead to pain in your ankles, knees, hips, or back. Maintain a good posture when sitting and standing as this too can lead to problems if not addressed. I hope you get the same success as I have seen with many of our customers with Solgar 7.

There's no need to feel stiff anymore

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