Reduce Cholesterol Naturally

Natural Solutions to Reduce Cholesterol

I often get asked how to reduce cholesterol naturally. My cholesterol was high and I knew it was related to diet, hormonal changes, and stress and that it was time to do something about it. Other factors that can contribute to high cholesterol include; lack of physical activity, alcohol, smoking, and being overweight. High cholesterol can run in families. I get my bloods done every year just to keep an eye on things. That way I can see if something suddenly changes from the normal. However, my cholesterol had been slowly rising and I was ignoring it and the numbers kept rising.

The body needs cholesterol to build cells and hormones. In fact we would die if we had no cholesterol. But high cholesterol is considered one of the risk factors for cardiovascular problems including heart attack and stroke. I see many customers at the shop who are looking for a natural solution to reduce cholesterol.

My favourite supplement to reduce cholesterol

There are a lot of supplements to help lower cholesterol. I took a look at the options and here’s what I did. I decided to take Higher Nature Red Sterol Complex. It contains Red Yeast Rice, plant sterols, policosanol, and cinnamon bark. Red Yeast Rice is considered by many to act as a natural alternative to statins, as both contain monacolin K. Plant Sterols have been found to help block the absorption of cholesterol from the diet. I also took One Nutrition CoQ10, it’s an important nutrient for heart health energy, and energy production in general. I also took Eskimo Omega 3 fish oils because fish oils can help to lower LDL, the bad cholesterol, and reduce triglyceride levels to healthier levels.

Dietary changes to help reduce cholesterol

Dietwise, there are some changes that you could make. This is what I did, but you don’t have to make all of these changes that I made. I reduced sugary foods, snack bars and treats, I have a sweet tooth and it is very easy to just have another piece of chocolate but an adjustment to the quantity was needed. I cut back on butter and mayonnaise as I use far too much of these. So for example I might have butter on one slice of bread and not on the other slice, and I didn't put butter on every potato that I ate. It was easy to pull back on the mayonnaise, just put less into the mix. I don't believe in being a martyr so for me cutting back on the foods that I knew would help in my mission were the ones I cut back on. In fact I think that when we are miserable because we cannot have the foods we enjoy we only stress ourselves, and stress can raise cholesterol! So in my book, if you can, cut back, if you can't do that I guess cutting out for a while might be the only option then.

It is just as important to eat healthy foods as it is to avoid the bad ones. I ate more oily fish, and more oat-based foods, This can include porridge bread, porridge, oat bran in home made brown bread, or oat biscuits. I am usually good with eating vegetables but I was more aware to have plenty of them every day. I ate more apples too. I added in Lecithin granules, I put them in my breakfast and in yoghurt. These are used to help metabolise fats in the body, they can be added to any food or taken directly from the spoon. I added in Inulin too, this is a source of fibre, this got added to my yoghurt. I now regularly drink Salus House Hawthorn Tea as hawthorn is traditionally used for heart health. These were the main changes I made. These are dietary changes that suited me and my lifestyle.

My cholesterol came down

I believed that my cholesterol was high due to hormonal changes, stress, and diet. I think that when we make dietary changes for one thing it can also have an impact on other areas too. So the dietary changes can impact on how my body makes hormones and can help to reduce the negative impact of stress on the body. Exercise, walking in my case, and getting good quality sleep can help hormone health and how we cope with stress too.

The great news is that the combination of dietary and lifestyle changes and Higher Nature Red Sterol Complex helped reduce my total cholesterol now down to healthier levels. My total number is down from 6.6 to 5.4 in approximately 3 months with a healthier ratio of HDL and LDL. I am happy with this and I will continue with this protocol for another while. If you have any questions about supplements of dietary changes that could work for you then why not call in or give us a call.

I am delighted to have healthier cholesterol levels

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