What Makes Terranova Different

Supplements Suitable for Vegans

At Natural Health Store we often get asked why we choose certain brands, or what is the difference between the brands we select, in particular with the supplements.

One brand we love is Terranova. Terranova promises never to use in-active additives such as fillers, binders or sweeteners. They also prefer capsules to hard tablets because they can be difficult to swallow and digest. All their products are suitable for vegans.

You will see in their products a complex called Magnifood which contains highly active plant ingredients that support function and activity of the nutrients. No nutrients work independently in the body- Magnifood is designed to enhance the absorption of the vitamins and minerals, making sure you get the maximum benefit from your product.

Below are some of our favourite Terranova products.

Life Drink for energy and recovery after illness

Their top selling supplement Terranova Life Drink comes in powder form. This is a perfect mix for anyone looking to support their overall health. You’ll have digestive support with a mixture of digestive enzymes and probiotics. You have protein from pea and rice, and a lovely mixture of super foods like chlorella and spirulina. You even have a selection of antioxidant rich berries, an omega oil blend and medicinal mushrooms- all organic and fresh freeze dried. It has proven to be one of our top supplements to improve energy after illness, providing a broad range of nutrients in one formula.

Terranova Astragalus, Elderberry & Garlic Complex

Spring, Summertime can be miserable if you are a hayfever sufferer. Terranova Astragalus Garlic and Elderberry formula is a lovely combination is one of our go to supplements to help relive the symptoms of hayfever. It may be also be helpful for those who suffer with sinus congestion, sinusitis or respiratory problems, additionally providing a broad spectrum of anti-microbial activity. You can take this alongside probiotics to support gut health which can often be part of the problem where there is sinus problems.

Pro-Peptase IRC an alternative to Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase, a proteolytic enzyme which is currently not available in Ireland. Terranova have the perfect alternative. Pro-Peptase IRC Complex, which has the same benefits as Serrapeptase but is a vegan option. It may fit the bill for you. Research shows this enzyme is useful for inflammation, scar tissue and sinus problems.

Get rewarded with Terra Nova

Terranova also have a loyalty reward scheme. You collect a sticker every time you buy a product, two stickers if the product is over 25 euro. When you collect 5 stickers, they reward you with a free product. A brilliant incentive! Not only will you be rewarded by feeling better but you will have the chance to try new products too.

Within the range of Terra Nova products you'll find ones to support digestion, energy, mood, and skin, hair, and nails.

I think you’ll agree, Terranova is a lovely brand, we love it and our customers do too.

Terra Nova is a brand I love

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