Pain - Don't suffer is silence

Arthritis is one of the biggest causes of pain.

We see a lot of people every day in store who have been diagnosed with this inflammatory disease. And from listening to what they have to say about this condition it sure does cause dis – ease and a lot of pain.

So how can you manage a painful disease like arthritis naturally?

People often mistakenly think that their diet has nothing to do with their pain and what they eat has no effect on their arthritis, this is simply not true. Of course what we eat affects how we feel, if you put the wrong fuel in your car it wouldn’t feel too well would it? Diet is always the first place we start when giving advice to people who are suffering not just with arthritis but with any condition. We are what we eat, we are responsible for what we eat and we can make changes to what we eat and therefore we can improve our health.

As with arthritis and many other health conditions, think of all the conditions that end in “itis” Sinusitis, Dermatitis etc they are all conditions where inflammation is a problem.

Certain foods do have an inflammatory affect on our bodies that is they will contribute to the inflammation. The nightshade family of foods is a one of the main groups of foods that can cause inflammation in the body, Potatoes, Peppers, Tomatoes, and Aubergines. So if you have arthritis or any other inflammatory condition you may benefit from reducing or cutting out these foods. Sometimes we just become intolerant to foods we have eaten everyday and when this happens it will increase inflammation in the body. A food intolerance test would help here. Of course the nightshade family of foods are not the only foods that cause inflammation others culprits are, and you should look at cutting back on these also, fried foods, red meat, dairy, alcohol and hydrogenated fats.

Hydrogenated fats are one to look out for these are bad fats even worse than saturated fats. Hydrogenated fats are fats that have been altered; they have gone through a process that changes the structure of the fat. The body knows what omega 3, 6 and 9 fats look like, it even knows what saturated fats look like, so it can process them. But hydrogenated fats have a new shape that the body does not recognise and it will struggle to process them and this will increase inflammation in the body. Hydrogenated fats are found in a lot of commercially baked goods, margarines and other spreads, check the labels before you purchase.

So if foods can cause inflammation, then there must be foods that can reduce inflammation, right?

Yes there are foods that will help to reduce inflammation and whether you have arthritis or not you should increase your intake of these foods, any kind of inflammation in the body is not good. Foods that contain essential fatty acids omega 3, 6, 9, particularly omega 3 are anti inflammatory foods, and notice how they are called Essential Fatty Acids, that’s because they are essential for our health and we must include them in our diet daily. Omega 3 foods in particular produce prostaglandins that reduce inflammation. Foods like Flax seed, Chia and Pumpkin Seeds, Nuts, and oils like Olive, Hemp seed, and Rapeseed, Oily Fish like Mackerel or tinned Sardines should become an essential part of your diet, especially if you suffer from arthritis. Pineapples contain Bromelain which can help to reduce inflammation if eaten on an empty stomach.

Often people see significant improvements by just following this simple dietary advice. Simply cut out the foods causing inflammation and increase the food that reduce it, makes sense right? But why is it so hard to do? Because we are creatures of habit and when we are in the habit of eating the same foods day in day out it is not as easy as it sounds to make these changes. So do it slowly, make small changes every week until they become the habit.

Following the above guidelines will help you reduce inflammation in the body. You may need a little extra help depending on your pain and the type of arthritis you have.

Osteoarthritis is another form as arthritis also known as “wear and tear”.

The main joints in the body are affected and the cartilage in the joints starts to deteriorate. Clinical research has shown that Glucosamine can help improve the symptoms of arthritis along with helping to repair the cartilage. But it won’t happen overnight and you will need to take a dosage of between 1000mg and 2000mg long term to feel the benefits. If you are not good with anti-inflammatory foods try Cod Liver Oil or Omega 3 Fish Oil along with your Glucosamine, if you’re vegetarian you can take Flaxseed or Hemp oil. Another great one for joint health is MSM. MSM is a type of Sulphur, Sulphur is a major component of joint tissue and it also helps to remove toxins that can cause damage to the joints and it can relieve pain and inflammation.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is another form of arthritis.

This is not caused by wear and tear but is an auto immune condition that causes the body to attack the joints. The immune system is over stimulating and actually attacking the joints causing inflammation, pain and often disfigurement. Sometime we need herbs that will help to stimulate the immune system like Echinacea, for instance, you may have taken it for colds and flu. It is a great herb for fighting flu but not for Rheumatoid Arthritis. In RA you don’t want to stimulate the immune system you want to dampen it down. Herbs like Ashwagandha and Devil’s Claw will help to suppress an over active immune system and at the same time help reduce inflammation. Another great one for any type of Arthritis is Turmeric; it is available in capsules or powder and will help to relieve inflammation and pain.

Whether you have Osteo or Rheumatoid Arthritis or any other inflammatory condition and want to reduce inflammation in your body, follow these simple guidelines and feel the difference. Let your body feel good inside.

And remember all you can do is your best, try to exercise as much as you can, get plenty of sleep and don’t feel guilty about resting, it is important too. Remember to check with your GP if you are taking any medication before changing your diet or taking any supplements mentioned above.

Feel good on the inside