OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT – nature’s secret to wellness

Olive leaf extract is a natural product, extracted from one of the most versatile trees within the plant kingdom.

The olive tree, olive fruit and leaf have contributed to health since ancient times.

The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest ways to eat and olive oil is a key component of this way of eating. But, the most important health benefits of the olive tree may not come from the oil. In fact the Olive leaves have been used by various cultures for nutritional and medicinal purposes.

Olive leaf is a potent antioxidant which protects us from premature ageing as well as diseases like heart disease. Fresh olive leaf extract is known to contain over 100 phytochemicals (plant chemicals) which helps create good health in the body. It also has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties to support immune function.

It is particularly effective for colds, flus, ear infections, warts, cold sores, urinary, throat infections, strep throats, yeast issues and much more.

The emerging research indicates that olive leaf can protect your heart vessels from damage due to its ability to reduce inflammation, increase good cholesterol, stabilise atherosclerotic plaques as well as having anti-hypertensive properties.

Comvita is a well established family company which produces olive leaf complex in liquid and capsule form.

As a nutritional therapist, I was keen to try this product given its many health benefits. I began taking it in January, mainly to support immune health and also as a general tonic for my body.

I decided to take the liquid form as generally, liquid is faster acting and well absorbed. I found the taste pleasant and within a few days noticed an energy boost. Despite January being a time for many respiratory issues, I avoided picking up anything even mixing with many people during my working day.

I am continuing to take the Comvita Olive leaf Complex in liquid form and will be recommending it to clients.

If you are on any medication, it is important to check with a health practitioner like your doctor or pharmacist before taking olive leaf extract as there may be contraindications.

Blog by our in store Nutritional Therapist Davina Dowling