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Let's Talk Men's Health

Let’s talk men’s health: Movember is a global fundraiser that encourages men to look after their health. You will see a lot of men with moustaches this month in support of this initiative. Let’s encourage the men in our life to take action on their health. I think most of us know a man who needs a bit of encouragement to go to the doctor.

I think it is a good idea to get a check-up once a year with your GP. You would get an NCT done on your car or bike without hesitation but many men put a visit to the GP on the long finger. Your GP can check your prostate, blood pressure and cholesterol, blood sugars, and thyroid. If you’re feeling tired you can request B12, Iron, and Vitamin D.

If you don't have time to go to the doctor just now you could take a look at some of the MyBio home test kits that I spoke about recently. At least you could check your Vitamin D, Iron or Thyroid in the comfort of your own home. It is not the same as going to your GP for a full check up but it is a starting point for those of you with hectic schedules.

The main questions I get asked by men are if there any supplements to help with tiredness, stress and mood, as well as supplements to support prostate health. As part of the conversation, I will ask about your diet and lifestyle and if you have seen your doctor. Armed with this information I can suggest some supplements that may help keep you on track.

I don't get asked about much about heart health at the store but this is an important area to look at. If you have a family history of heart disease or cardiovascular problems it would be wise to get checked out. A healthy diet, doing exercise that suits you, stopping or reducing smoking and alcohol, healthy sleep and stress reduction will all support heart health.

One of my favourite supplements for men, is Cleanmarine For Men, as it contains a nice mix of omega oils from Krill. It is important to take an omega supplement if you don't eat fish, nuts, seeds, or omega oils like olive oil or walnut oil. As we cannot make these essential omega oils, the body must have a supply everyday, so that can be from diet or a supplement. Cleanmarine For Men also contains Zinc which helps support testosterone levels. Mood, energy, joint health, cholesterol, heart health can all benefit from having adequate levels of omega 3 essential fats.

Stress impacts on all areas of life. It can affect your mood, energy, sleep, hormone production and cardiovascular health. Getting stress under control is important. It is easy for me to say to take time out for yourself in this busy world, but do try. If taking time out is training super hard at the gym then this can be a stress on your body too. Balance is everything. Supplements like One Nutrition Ashwagandha with Magnesium and Zinc can help your body deal with the effects of stress, and supports cognitive function helping you to feel more relaxed and able to cope. It is one of our most popular supplements for men of all ages.

Natural Support for prostate health

I sometimes get asked for a supplement to support prostate health. I would highly recommend that you go to the doctor first to make sure that everything is in order, it is never too early to do that. And if everything is ok then take a look at New Nordic Prostavital. This is a special formulation to help men’s health and vitality. It contains folic acid and vitamin D, Pumpkin seeds, Lycopene, Pine Bark, and Turmeric. It is worth taking a look at.

Look after yourself starting today!

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