Natural Solutions for Hay Fever

Common Symptoms of Hayfever

Runny nose, streaming eyes, and intense sneezing, sound familiar? These are common symptoms of hay fever. You could have itchy nose, eyes, and throat too. Hay fever is an allergic reaction associated with pollen. The summer months are worse, especially once the grass cutting starts. Unfortunately, some of you may experience symptoms the whole year. This is because as well as grass pollen you could also be allergic to the pollen found in weeds, flowers, trees, or shrubs. These flower at various times throughout the year. Some of you may have Allergic or Perennial Rhinitis. This means that you react to allergens such as dust, animal dander and perfume, as well as pollen, and you are very likely to have symptoms all year round.

The allergic reaction that you experience affects the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose. It’s caused by an overreaction by the immune system to the pollens or allergen that it has come in contact with. This immune response triggers inflammation and the release of histamine, which causes the symptoms. Natural remedies can help.

Irish Botanica All Seasons Complex - Natural Relief for Hay fever

I recently spoke about Irish Botanica All Seasons Complex, formulated by Irish herbalist David Foley, in relation to Sinus problems that were possibly associated with airborne allergens. All Seasons may help ease the symptoms associated with hay fever and seasonal allergies. It contains Astragulus which is a lovely herb commonly used to help support immunity. This herb may help relieve the annoying symptoms of sneezing, the itching of the nose, eyes, and throat. If you have allergic rhinitis, you may also experience pain in the sinus area, All Seasons contains Angelica and Magnolia, this is traditionally used for anti-allergic potential. For best results start taking IB All Seasons Complex now, before seasonal symptoms take hold.

Natures Antihistamines

We have a wide variety of other supplements that could help you deal with these symptoms. Most people are interested in finding natural anti-histamines this is because some antihistamines can cause drowsiness. Natural anti-histamine remedies include Quercetin which is naturally found in red onions, grapes, and berries. Vitamin C is found in fruit and vegetables and may support natural immunity. Other natural antihistamines include Nettle you can choose nettle tea, supplements, or herbal tincture. B5 is found in a lot of the natural hay fever remedies and is included to help reduce histamine and may be helpful to help relieve the stress associated with dealing with hay fever. Black Seed Oil is an interesting supplement, it has natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties and contains a mix of omega. Some people have used Black Seed Oil as the main treatment for hay fever while others told me they combine with other supplements.

What else can I do to help relieve hay fever?

Many people take local honey on a regular basis and find it works well for them as the theory is that you are exposing yourself to local pollens. Or there's HayMax which is an award-winning drug free and non drowsy allergen barrier balm. HayMax traps pollen, dust and pet allergens before they enter the body. It's great because it's suitable for the whole family, including pregnant and breastfeeding women and great for children too. I like the Hay-Band too as this is another drug-free option, it's an acupressure band that has been designed to help relieve the symptoms of allergies associated with hay fever and headache pain. One size fits all and is suitable for children from age 3 years of age.

We can help you decide which supplement has the best potential to help you deal with the symptoms of hay fever and to help you become less sensitive to the pollens over time.

We would love to help you enjoy your summer so feel free to give us a call or pop us an email.

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