Natural Remedies for Chesty Cough

Are you struggling with a chesty cough?

I know that many of you are and most of you have been telling me how difficult it is to shift. Taking a cough bottle on its own has not worked for some of you. The cough is stubborn and it is exhausting. It can be accompanied by a high temperature and a sore throat. Most people that I have spoken to have used a variety of supplements to help deal with it. Here are some ideas of what you could try.

To support immunity and to help you overcome infection I would choose Echinacea. This is one of nature’s top antiviral remedies. I would definitely suggest taking this herb to help support your immune system and to help reduce the risk of viral infection. The most researched brand is A.Vogel Echinaforce. It is my go-to herb that I use when I feel I need protection. You can take it 3 times a day in water. It is also useful for a sore throat. You can gargle with it three times per day to ease the discomfort of a sore throat.

Ivy is traditionally used in natural cough remedies. Much of the research around Ivy is related to its usefulness in the treatment of upper respiratory problems. It can help reduce inflammation and may help widen the bronchi which means that there is increased airflow.

Thyme another plant from nature is also traditionally used as a natural cough remedy. Ivy and thyme work well together to help reduce inflammation and excess mucous. Both are found in A.Vogel Bronchoforce one of our most popular remedies, or Ivy Thyme Complex as it was formerly know as. These are herbal tinctures, you add the required amount of drops to water two to three times per day. It can be taken alongside Echinacea and I would highly recommend doing this so that you have immune support.

Mullein is another fantastic herb, it has been used for centuries for coughs and congestion. It is available in tincture, dried herb, or tea. It is one of the key ingredients in another popular remedy Irish Botanica Botanical Syrup. This is a botanical blend of herbs to help deal with chesty cough. As well as Mullein it contains Plantago, Liquorice, and Vitamin C and is another one of our top chesty cough remedies. It is suitable from age three years of age.

Another very popular cough bottle is ForTuss Cough Syrup is a natural solution for both dry and productive coughs. The unique formula, enriched with Manuka Honey and Organic Wildflower Honey, is specifically designed to soothe coughs while promoting the hydration and natural expulsion of mucus. Featuring plant-based molecular complexes, ForTuss is an effective adjuvant in treating cough symptoms.

Ideal for both adults and children (ages one and up), ForTuss gently coats and calms the irritated throat mucosa, providing rapid and comforting relief. Trust in the power of nature with ForTuss to ease your cough and support your body's natural healing process.

This is combined to the soothing, emollient and balsamic action of the Helichrysum, Grindelia and Plantain Extracts, herbal substances rich in resins, polysaccharides and flavonoids that promote the throat well-being.

What foods will help to relieve congestion

What we eat can have an impact on how congested we feel. Many people notice they are more chesty and phlegmy from dairy, wheat, and sugar when they are under the weather. If this happens to you then consider cutting back when you are congested.

On the other hand Garlic is a great food to help reduce mucous congestion, runny nose, and is a natural antibiotic. Boiled cabbage and boiled onions when eaten regularly can help reduce mucous build up. Helpful herbal teas to help with chesty coughs include Salus Thyme, Niks Tea Mullein, or Salus Sage to help with a sore throat.

Seaweed is another option, all you have to do is brew some Carrageen Moss with lemon and ginger and drink one cup two to three cups per day. Several years ago my husband had a stubborn chesty cough, nothing I gave him worked. Even the remedies that I am recommending up above. I made this mixture for him to see if it would help and yes, it did. We were both amazed by how quickly it cleared the cough that had lingered for weeks.

Manuka Honey is brilliant, choose the best you can afford and add a teaspoon to warm water and sip. You can add some ginger and lemon if you wish. It is also great for sore throats and to support immunity in a gentle natural way.

There is no concrete answer as to which cough remedy will work best for you. What I can say is that you may need a combination of supplements and dietary changes to help clear this stubborn chesty cough.

I hope you get relief and feel better soon.

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