Natural Cough Remedies for Kids

Otosan ForTuss for Dry or Productive Cough

The cough season is not going away, it seems to be going on and on this year. There are lots of cough remedies available but not many for the younger child. Thankfully there’s Otosan ForTuss Cough Syrup for dry and productive coughs and it is suitable for kids from one year of age up.

I talked about this one last year, and I didn’t think I would be talking about it again so soon. I love that it’s suitable from one year of age, right through to the oldest member of the family. It contains pure manuka honey, extracts of plantain, helichrysum and grindella. All working together to create a layer that adheres to the mucosa, protecting it from contact with external irritants. It also helps promote hydration and calms and soothes the mucosal tissue. I am prone to dry coughs and dry throat, I tried ForTuss and was delighted with it. It worked extremely well. I felt its soothing effect immediately and it didn’t take too long at all to solve my problem. I needed it for dryness and a dry cough but it is also great if you need something for a productive cough.

Thyme a traditional remedy for the respiratory system

The herb thyme was traditionally used to support the respiratory system, to alleviate coughs, and to relieve bronchial problems. Most of you will have thyme in your cupboard. You could use a little extra in cooking. You could try a cup of Salus Thyme Tea or for something stronger, Salus Thyme Juice. This is a potent way to take thyme as it is the juice freshly-squeezed from the plant and nothing added. When you have a fresh juice like this the whole goodness of the plant is preserved. These are an option if you are diabetic or vegan as there is no sugar or honey in the herbal juice or tea. You’ll find herbal tinctures containing thyme like A.Vogel Ivy Thyme, this is suitable from 2 years of age, and helps alleviate coughing and other symptoms of acute bronchitis.

Irish Botanica from age 3 upwards

Another option from age 3 upwards is Irish Botanical Syrup which is traditionally used for chesty or dry coughs. Over the past few years this remedy has helped lots of people in particular those with stubborn chesty or phlegmy coughs. Botanical Syrup gently supports the immune system and helps the body cope with the stress experienced from excessive coughing.

To help support the immune system continue taking vitamin C, D, Zinc and Elderberry to support your respiratory system. For adults Echinacea has both antiviral and antibiotic properties and can be taken to help prevent infections and for treatment of infections too.

This is just some of the cough remedies we stock but I mostly wanted to draw your attention to the ForTuss as is it is suitable from 1 year old.

I hope this information helps and please feel free to ask us a question we would love to help.

Otosan ForTuss worked brilliantly for my dry cough, I am delighted with it

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