Master Your Memory for Exam Success

Need Help With Memory and Recall

Are you working towards exams? Do you need help with memory and recall, or are you struggling to retain information? Diet, lifestyle, stress, worry, anxiety, and sleepless nights can all impact on how well your memory works.

Revive Mastermind to enhance memory and recall

Revive Mastermind is a fantastic Irish made supplement that can help enhance memory and retention of information. It also enhances concentration and focus. DHA, Choline, Zinc, B5, and B12 are nutrients that are required for brain function and are all included. For young adults you simply take one sachet 3 times a week from now until the end of the exams and you’ll be amazed at how focused you’ll feel, with improved memory and recall. For older students like myself you will need to take it once a day.

What about the nerves?

If it’s nerves and anxiety that are affecting your ability to concentrate and focus then consider Higher Nature Balance For Nerves, it contains B Vitamins for stress, anxiety, and energy, Magnesium for relaxation, Passionflower for stress and anxiety and Melissa to help calm and relax you. It also contains L Theanine which has a calming effect on the brain. It reduces the tendency for panic attacks and anxiety and helps with focus. I have seen great results with this remedy. Many people have told me how fast it works. You simply take one or two in the morning and one or two again in the evening. It takes the edge of so you can relax and focus.

Stress can affect your ability to remember

Stress, tiredness, low energy and mood could affect your ability to remember things. Rhodiola is a brilliant herb to help relieve stress, improve energy, mood and memory. It works even better when taken with a good multivitamin that contains B vitamins and Zinc.

Lack of motivation can slow you down

Lack of motivation can be a problem for some. If you find that you are thinking about getting out the books but keep saying you will do it later then Tyrosine can help with this. It’s great for when you just can’t motivate yourself to study or to get the books out. Higher Nature Alert contains Tyrosine as well as B Vitamins.

Sleep is important for memory

Sleep is crucial; if you’re having difficulty then A.Vogel Dormeasan is a great remedy to try. It improves the quality of sleep and the amount of time that you stay asleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed. Try Melissa Dream if you can’t switch off your thoughts, and you can't relax. It will aid relaxation and calm your mind so that you can get to sleep. You won't be drowsy in the morning, Melissa Dream can help you get a good night sleep and help you feel focused the next day.

Drink plenty of water for hydration

A healthy diet cannot be overlooked. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Go to bed early, and at the same time every night. Aim to do some gentle exercise every day so that you’re giving yourself the best chance of success.

Wishing you all the best of luck with your exams.

You’ll be amazed at how focussed you’ll feel, with improved memory and recall

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