Looking After Your Prostate

Common Signs of Prostate Enlargement

November is Men’s Health Month, a great time to remind you to get your prostate checked. Make an appointment with your doctor today if you have not had a check-up recently. Prevention is better than cure.

If you're getting up several times to pee during the night it could be a sign that you have an enlarged prostate gland. This is normally treatable and a visit to your doctor will help put your mind at ease. Enlarged prostate affects 50% of men over 50.

Signs of enlarged prostate can include: A weak stream of urine. Straining to pass urine or urination takes a long time. Stop/start urination. Frequent trips to the toilet. An urgent need to pass urine, sometimes with a little leaking at the first sign of wanting to go.

Diet to support prostate health

A healthy diet and lifestyle will help keep you and your prostate healthy. Avoid high saturated fats, sugar and caffeine. Reduce salt, white processed breads, and pastries. Alcohol and smoking both contribute to inflammation and should be avoided.

Alcohol interferes with the uptake of zinc which is an important nutrient for male hormone production. Zinc is found naturally in shellfish, pumpkin seeds, and eggs. Include in your diet plenty of vegetables, nuts and seeds, and wholegrains. Also include in your diet plenty of vegetables and fruit, oily fish, nuts and seeds, nettle tea, goji berries, bee pollen, and cooked tomatoes.

If you have any digestive issues like bloating, wind, or constipation it could be a sign that you are low in digestive enzymes which will mean that you may not absorb the nutrients from food effectively. Or you it could be that you are low in friendly gut bacteria. Topping up with gut friendly foods like Kimchi, Kefir, or Sauerkraut will help support your gut.

Supplements to support a healthy prostate

New Nordic ProstaVital is a supplement you might like to look at. It’s a special formulation to help men’s health that includes many of the nutrients required to support a healthy prostate: pumpkin extract is a source of zinc to maintain normal prostate function. It also contains pine bark, pomelo, turmeric, galangal, long and black pepper, lavender, and lots more to support prostate health. You take two tablets per day.

Cleanmarine Krill Oil for Men is a supplement for men to consider if you have a healthy prostate and want to support fertility, testosterone, and your long-term health. Cleanmarine for Men is perfect for general health as it contains Omega 3 to support cardiovascular and brain health, zinc for prostate health, immunity, and healthy skin, and B vitamins for energy.

If you already take Saw Palmetto which is commonly used by men to support a healthy prostate it will combine well with either of the above supplements.

Supplements to support energy levels

Lack of sleep will affect your energy levels. Stress will deplete you too. An inadequate diet will cause problems as well. If you can get on top of these issues, then you are on your way to improving energy levels. Some of our favourite supplements to support energy include Oxylent, particularly good for active people. It contains nutrients to support energy and immunity. Solo Multi Fifty is a one a day multi vitamin with 50 mg of CoQ10 to support energy levels and to help you deal with a stressful busy day. These are just some of the supplements we stock. If you have any questions, we are happy to have a chat with you about the various supplements to support a healthy prostate, healthy testosterone levels, energy, and ways to reduce stress and anxiety.

Look after your prostate, no one else will

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