Insect Bites, Heat Rash, and Sunburn

Prevent Insect Bites Naturally

Insect bites, heat rash, and sunburn, I know you might be thinking that we don’t need to be worrying about these kinds of things here in Ireland. But we do.

Insect Bites: We associate insect bites with holidays abroad but over the last couple of years it has become a problem in Ireland. Spending more time outdoors socialising and gardening is possibly driving the numbers. Incognito spray is our customer’s favourite to prevent being bitten. In tests Incognito was found to be 100% effective against mosquito bites. This is ideal if you are traveling to areas known to have mosquitos. It also protects against midges, sandflies, horseflies, ticks, and many more. It doesn’t contain DEET or other harmful pesticides. It’s 100% natural and can be used by all the family including young babies from 6 months onwards. The bottle is made from 100% recyclable sugarcane plastic.

Sunscreen could be causing your heat rash

Heat Rash: This is another summer problem normally associated with trips abroad. Here in Ireland the weather can be clammy at times causing sweating, a possible cause of the rash. When the sun does come out so does the sunscreen, and it could be the sunscreen that’s causing the rash. Switching to a more natural sunscreen like Green People could be the solution. You could also try nettle tea, brands like Salus are therapeutic. Or if you prefer a supplement you could use A.Vogel Urtica (Latin for nettle) tincture or Lifeplan Nettle tablets. Nettle can help to cool the blood and acts as a natural antihistamine where there is itch. Nettles are useful for heat rash, hives, and may help ease hay fever symptoms too.

Green People sunscreen has you covered

Sunburn: It’s important to stay safe in the sun. Aim to use natural sunscreens like Green People. They will be kinder to your skin, and to the environment. They’ll help to prevent heat rash too. If you do get a little burnt then use aloe vera gel to cool and calm the skin. If you're in pain then you can mix one or two drops of lavender essential oil with the aloe in the palm of your hand. You may need to apply several times for optimal cooling effect.

Icnogito is my new best friend, I can get my gardening done in peace now without being bitten alive

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