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Incognito Insect Repellent

Do you get bitten by insects at home or abroad? I know that some of you get bitten alive and more of you are left alone. Luckily there is help, Incognito Insect Repellent is a clinically proven repellent that can protect you. Incognito is certified as 100% natural and can be used by all the family including young babies from 6 months onwards. It protects from midges, sand flies, and horseflies. It also protects against ticks, making it the perfect choice for anyone spending time in wooded areas. A Wexford woman is co-founder of the brand. Well done to her on her dedication to finding a natural and deet free solution for this problem, and at the same time a product that doesn’t cause harm to the environment.

20% of people are irresistible to mosquitos

I don’t know why 20% of people are irresistible to mosquitos, but here are some theories: It could be your blood type; it seems they prefer types O and AB. They like sweat as they are attracted to compounds like ammonia and lactic acid in sweat. They seem to like beer drinkers and unfortunately, they are drawn like magnets to pregnant women. Several customers have told me about how they were the only one in a large group to have gotten bitten, so some of these theories could be correct!

Tips to prevent mosquito bites

Mosquito bites are very itchy and you have to be careful of infection so you need to prevent the bite as best you can in the first place. Incognito Insect Repellent is tested to be 100% effective against mosquito bites (clinically tested to provide 100% protection against Aedes aegypti - Zika carrying and Anopheles gambiae - malaria carrying mosquitoes). It needs to be reapplied every four hours for full protection.

Cover up skin as much as possible with suitable clothing, especially arms and legs. Wear light coloured clothes as it seems that mosquitos are attracted to dark colours. Use Incognito Insect Repellent every four hours.
Incognito products have won awards for best mosquito repellent & best midge repellent.

It is no harm to take garlic and B1 (thiamine) before the trip if you are going to infected areas or you know that insects love you. B1 is has been shown in numerous studies to help make you less prone to insect bites. B1 is eliminated by the skin if you take more than your body needs. Flying insects find the scent disagreeable and are likely to stay away from you. Start taking about 2 weeks before you travel and continue to take while you are away. A standard dosage is about 100mg per day. Garlic is great for your blood and your immune system. Insects are also repelled by the scent that garlic omits on the skin. You can also take these supplements even if you aren't leaving the country.

How to relieve the itch if you get bitten by a mosquito

If you forget to use the spray or are unfortunate enough to get bitten then Incognito Zap-Ease Instant Bite Relief is an effective and harmless way of stopping the itch. Click the Zap-Ease several times around the area of the bite to reduce the urge to scratch. The toxicity of the mosquito bite becomes neutralised, with no harmful effect on the surrounding skin, thus stopping the inflammation and unsightly swelling. It will work for up to 1,000 bites, that’s fantastic.

Other products in the Incognito range include insect repellent roll on, incense sticks and a tri-action suncream. The sunscream acts as a moisturiser, and insect repellent, with SPF30 protection against both UVA and UVB rays. It's a non-greasy lotion to help protect the skin against both sun damage and ageing.

The packaging is made from sugarcane plastic which has a positive carbon footprint and is 100% recyclable, fantastic!

Stay safe from insect bites this year with a little help from Incognito!

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