How to Protect Your Eyes

Top tips for the health of your eyes

In recent years the focus on our mental and immune health as well as our fitness has had some major positive changes. It’s amazing! However, there is one area we to tend to over look and that is our eye health.

There are plenty of reasons we should be looking after our eyes, with the current days of screens, phones, night shifts, lack of sleep, stress, pollution and television to name a few. All these components are slowly stressing our eyes out even if you still have 20/20 vision, taking care of your eyes is always a good idea.

So how do we take care of our eyes and sight?

Good nutrition & exercise

  • Antioxidants
  • Eye exercises
  • Resting eyes

Eye pillows

  • Exerts gentle pressure on the eyes which stimulate the Vagus nerve
  • Sends calming messages down the back of the neck, shoulders, chest, heart & stomach
  • Gives the body permission to relax
  • Soothing on the eyes
  • Protecting your eyes from blue light and other artificial lights

Frequent hand washing to keep bacteria at bay

Protect your eyes from the sun

Stay hydrated

Blue light glasses - monitor room lighting etc

Don’t abuse your eyes with make up and face products. Try keep them as natural as possible

Eating healthy - What foods benefit our eyes?

To help support our eyes we need to focus on foods rich in lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamins A, C & E, beta carotene, omega 3 fatty acids and zinc.

  • Oily fish, nuts & seeds are high in omega 3 and will help to keep your keep eyes moisturised and prevent dry eye
  • Citrus fruits are high in Vitamin C an antioxidant which is important to reverse or prevent oxidation which may occur in the eye
  • Green leafy vegetables are high in both Lutein and Zeaxanthin, macular carotenoids which can help protect your eyes from harmful high-energy light waves like ultraviolet rays in sunlight. Studies suggest that a high level of both in eye tissue is linked with better vision, especially in dim light or where glare is a problem.
  • Carrots, sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene which gives carrots their orange colour - Vitamin A plays essential role in vision
  • Nuts and seeds for zinc to protect from oxidative stress
  • Water is important for eye health
  • Blueberries, either eat the berries or your can buy juice or powder. They help to strengthen blood vessels

What else can we do?

Exercise our eyes daily, here are some examples:

20 - 20 -20 Rule - every 20 minutes look away at something 20 feet away, blink 20 times

Blink Break - when we are using computers especially we can forget to blink, so we need to be more conscious of this and take breaks to blink. Ideally we should blink every four to five seconds

Palms For Relaxation - with freshly washed hands, create some heat by rubbing hands together, then cup your hands and place over closed eyes. Allow heat from palm to relax your eyes.

Figure Eight - Pick a point on the floor 10 feet away from you. With your eyes, trace an imaginary figure eight. Continue for 30 seconds, then switch directions.

Roll Your Eyes - just by taking a break and doing some eye rolling can be beneficial, reduces strain on eye muscles and adds lubrication to eyes.

Supplements for eye health

One Nutrition Macu Complete combines high levels of macular carotenoids with Omega 3 EPA and DHA in triglyceride form blended with a highly absorbable form of Vitamin C. It’s also packed with l Zinc to helps contribute to normal vision as well as Copper, B vitamins and Grapeseed to support both macular and general eye health.

Unlike many eye supplements Macu Complete contains many carefully researched ingredients such as Lutein, Meso-zeaxanthin, Zeaxanthin with EVTene mixed carotenoids,along with plant-based omegas and vitamins in a one a day capsule.

It is important to protect our eyesight, Macu Complete is a great way to top up levels of beneficial nutrients found in the eye. Formulated to include Zinc, Copper & Vitamin C to protect cells from oxidative stress & help contribute to normal vision and packed in an amber glass bottle to protect from air and light.

What Conditions Affect Eye Health, in this blog Jayne explores all the conditions that can lead to problems with your eyes.

Jayne Whitty - Nutritional Therapist at Sásta Nutrition

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