How to find out if you are deficient in Omega 3

Detection is the best prevention

They say early detection is the best prevention. 97% of our health spending currently goes towards disease rather than optimal functioning or detection of health problems in advance. Your blood work is a window into the inner workings of your body. It allows you to identify nutrient gaps, make changes to your health and lifestyle and monitor trends over time.

Wild Atlantic Health, based near Kinsale helps people test their nutrient levels and see real results with their premium supplements. They’re a passionate bunch of people who feel that preventative health is the direction we should all be taking. The team have pioneered a number of new Home Test kits which measure health biomarkers like Vitamin D and Omega-3.

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid, meaning our bodies can’t make it and we can only get it by eating oily fish or taking a quality fish oil supplement regularly. A diet rich in Omega 3 can help to keep inflammation under control, protect us from diseases like arthritis, reduce the risk of cognitive and cardiovascular problems, improve eye health and increase longevity by 5 years. In the same way as we would do an NCT on our car we should test our Omega 3 to know our levels and identify risk factors in advance.

Their Advanced Omega Test measures all 24 fatty acids in your blood cells in your heart and brain. Perfect for practitioners and those serious about their health, this is the most comprehensive Omega-3 test available on the market. It provides all the key biomarkers including: Omega-3 Index, Omega 6:3 and AA:EPA ratios and the Trans Fat Index. It helps to identify weak spots in advance and will guide key diet, health and lifestyle improvements.

Optimise your Omega 3

Chronic inflammation is one of the leading drivers of the most serious modern diseases, including heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and many types of cancer. Omega-3s are found throughout the body, notably in cell membranes, where they affect the fluidity of the membranes and, ultimately, gene expression. All the Omega-3s play numerous important roles in the body, including in cellular metabolism, immune system function, and cardiovascular health.

EPA, DHA and DPA exert anti-inflammatory effects, in contrast to Omega-6s, especially arachidonic acid (AA), which tends to be pro-inflammatory. Linoleic acid from Omega -6s converts to arachidonic acid (AA), a precursor for inflammatory cytokines. Experts argue that our ancestors evolved with a diet that had approximately equal proportions of Omega-3s and Omega-6s. The emergence of the Western diet and refined processed foods has seen a significant increase in the consumption of refined seed and vegetable oils and shortening found in pastries and high-sugar, high-vegetable fat junk food. Science recommends a 3:1 balance between essential fatty acids Omega-6 and Omega-3. ...but 95% of people are at risk of an imbalance. People who don’t take Omega-3 supplements regularly can be out of balance with a ratio of up to 25:1.

How simple is the test to use?

The test is simple to use. You take a prick of the finger and a sample of blood is dropped onto a collection card. You register your card online and put it into the prepaid envelope and post it off to the Lab. Your results and recommendations are available within less than 2 weeks.

We decided to put it to the test

Patrick, many of you know him from our Wexford store, did the Omega 3 Advanced test recently and it was no surprise to him when his test results came back, that his numbers were low (he doesn't eat oily fish nor does he take a fish oil supplement). He knows what he should be eating but like 1 in 5 people in Ireland eating fish is not on his menu. After receiving his results and knowing his results were on the low side he chose to take Wild Atlantic Health’s Ocean Pure Omega 3 supplement because as an Irish company they stand over the quality of their supplements. He needs to take the supplements for 4 months and then test again. We will let you know how the test goes.

See below some of the information patrick received.

Patrick's Omeg 3 Index

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