Omega 3 Testing

How Omega-3 Testing can be life saving but also life changing.

Meet Patrick, a 57-year-old man suffering from inflammation and low mood issues. After meeting the personalised nutrition team from Wild Atlantic Health near Kinsale, he decided to take their Omega-3 Essentia back in July 2022. This easy Home Test uses a small pin prick of blood to measure the Omega-3 Index, the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids EPA & DHA in the red blood cells which is an indicator of silent inflammation in the body.

Once the results and recommendations came back within 2 weeks to his mobile phone his Omega-3 Index was at 5.56%. This was higher than the average person at 4% who doesn’t eat healthily ….but still lower than the recommended level for optimal health, which is ideally between 8-12%. The Japanese, who enjoy a diet high in seafood have levels higher than 8% which is one of the reasons why they have the longest life expectancy and lowest incidence of cardiovascular disease risk.

Back to Patrick, his regular supplements include a multi-vitamin, a Vitamin D3 spray, magnesium bisglycinate, and L-Theanine on occasion. He also takes aspirin at a low dose and a statin because he is very conscious of his heart health. His job is quite physically demanding, standing on his feet most of the day. Typically he doesn’t do any additional exercise outside of the 10,000 steps at work every day! In terms of diet he would admit himself that it's in need of improvement, with lots of simple carbohydrates and sugars and no oily fish whatsoever.

Patrick, determined to improve his health, began taking Wild Atlantic’s, doctor formulated Omega-3 supplements which have a pharma grade concentration level at 85%. He started taking three capsules per day and made a couple of dietary changes. After a couple of months he noticed significant improvements in his inflammation and mood levels.
In December 2022 Patrick, curious to track and measure his improvements, decided to take the Omega Index Test again. This time the results showed a significant increase, with his Omega-3 Index now at 7.18%.

Patrick was over the moon with the improvements. Because he doesn’t eat fish, he was genuinely surprised to see such a large increase over the period. As they say, what doesn’t get measured doesn’t get managed and he’s determined to continue making improvements to get above 8%. Knowing his Omega-3 Index has been a huge motivator and empowered him to become more aware of his eating choices. The big winner for Patrick overall is the reduction of his inflammation, improvement of mood and overall health and wellbeing.

Why is taking the Omega-3 Index test so vitally important?

  • An Irish in store survey conducted by UCD found that 19% of 371 customers interviewed did not eat or buy fish at all.

  • The Western, processed food diet is crammed with pro-inflammatory Omega-6s especially in ‘vegetable’ seed oils are highly inflammatory which is why Omega-3 is so important as an anti-inflammatory to achieve a healthy balance

  • Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid and our bodies can’t make it and we can only get high levels from eating fish or taking a high quality supplement

  • ALA is an Omega-3 fatty acid found in plant foods like kale, spinach, flax and chia seeds. However the conversion process is inefficient in humans with only a small % converted into EPA and even less into DHA. This is why vegans and vegetarians tend to have a low Omega-3 index,

  • The revolutionary Omega-3 Index provides a clear picture of the percentage of EPA/DHA Omega-3 fatty acids in your blood to estimate your risk of a major cardiac event and helps to identify other critical health risk factors in advance.

  • People with low Omega-3 Index scores have a 90% lower risk of sudden cardiac death

  • Higher level of Omega-3 increase life expectancy by almost 5 years

  • Besides significant heart health benefits, research indicates higher Omega-3 levels can also help with cognitive health, depression, ADHD, lowering Alzheimer's risk, lowering the risks of pregnancy complications while improving babies health and IQ

Knowing your Omega-3 index is just as, if not more important than knowing your cholesterol level or blood pressure, and ‘fixing’ the Omega-3 index is much easier - not to mention cheaper and safer than treating all those other risk factors. Improving your Omega-3 Index level can be easily solved by eating more fish and / or taking a high quality Omega-3 supplement.

If you would like to Take the Test please talk to our team in Kilkenny or Wexford.