Heart Health - How To Support Heart Health Naturally

September is Irish Heart Month and this year, the Irish Heart Foundation is running the ‘Her Heart Matters’ campaign.

This campaign encourages everyone who has a woman in their life to empower them to make small, sustainable changes for the good of their heart health.

80% of premature heart disease and stroke can be prevented through a healthy lifestyle.

What is a small change that can be added to your daily lifestyle to support heart health?

If you enjoy herbal teas which are hydrating and offer health promoting properties, you might like to check out a new range of teas which are specifically created to help with heart health.

Nutra Tea -Nutra Lipid – Cholesterol Balance

This tea is a powerful blend to help combat high cholesterol, encourage the excretion of cholesterol and formation of deposits on arterial walls while improving blood pressure balance within the body.

It contains:

  • Green Tea – helps blood sugar levels, suppresses appetite and boosts metabolism

  • Cinnamon Bark – helps purify the blood

  • Artichoke Leaf – supports breakdown of fats and maintenance of normal cholesterol levels

  • Red Yeast Rice – regulates cholesterol levels

  • Garlic – helps improve blood circulation

  • Turmeric – natural anti-inflammatory

  • Holy Basil – protects blood vessels

  • Fenugreek – improves insulin sensitivity

  • Hawthorn Berry – helps control high blood pressure

  • Alfalfa – helps with lowering cholesterol levels

How to use it:

Enjoy 2-3 cups daily and each biodegradable tea bag can be reused up to 3 times.

Brew for 4-5 minutes for optimum effect.

Customers love the taste and convenience of being able to carry the enveloped tea bags while on the go.

A very natural product with excellent ingredients which is easy to incorporate in to your daily lifestyle.

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