Elderberry Nature’s Finest Healer

Elderberry Nature's Finest Healer

Elderberry is one of nature’s finest healers with a long tradition in herbal medicine. Records of its use go back as far as 460-370 BC when it was known as The Father of Medicine. The berries have long been used for making preserves, wines, winter cordials and for adding flavour and colour to other wines. These uses are based on Elderberry’s antioxidant properties.

Sambucol natural support for the immune system

Black Elderberries contain naturally occurring flavonoids which are packed with antioxidants to help support the immune system. But, not all Black Elderberry extracts are the same. Sambucol is the original Black Elderberry extract, introduced more than 20 years ago by a leading virologist. It’s the most researched Elderberry brand on the market. It can be taken as a treatment for cold, flu, or respiratory chest infection. Or it can be taken as a preventative remedy to help strengthen the immune system throughout the year.

Elderberry perfect for snotty nosed kids

Sambucol is Linda’s go- to treatment for kids with respiratory issues. She likes the fact that it works quickly, tastes great, and that she gets such good feedback with it. She told me that Sambucol for Kids can be an ideal support for kids prone to recurring chest infections or if they frequently have a snotty nose. Some kids get a head cold and get over it quite quickly but others will end up getting a chest infection every time they get a sniffle. Linda gets fantastic feedback from parents who tell her that they would not be without Sambucol.

Sambucol suitable for the infants and the elderly

I love that they now have one suitable for infants. Sambucol Black Elderberry for Baby Drops have added vitamin C to help strengthen the immune system and are easily administered to the youngest member of the family. There’s no artificial colours, flavourings, or sweeteners. It’s perfect for the early years when in day care or nursery. Sambucol looks after the whole family with products to suit the youngest member of the family to the oldest. There are several products to choose from. Sambucol Original is suitable from age 3+, it contains 3.8g Black Elderberry per 10ml. Or for younger children there’s Sambucol Kids for ages 1-12 it contains a lower dose, 1.9g of Black Elderberry per 10ml with added vitamin C. For the older child 12+ there’s Sambucol Immune Forte with 3.8g Elderberry per 10ml with added vitamin C and Zinc. You might prefer Immuno Forte Effervescent which is dissolved in water and is ideal from age 4. Some kids love the fizz and the taste. You can get gummies too. There is something for everyone in the Sambucol range.

If you have any questions let us know and we would love to help you choose the perfect remedy for your family.

Elderberry, one of nature’s natural healers.

Sambucol for Kids is an ideal support for kids prone to recurring chest infections or if they frequently have a snotty nose

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