Beta Glucans to Support Immunity

What are The Top Supplements to Boost Immunity?

Are you wondering if it’s too early to think about boosting your immune system? So that you could try prevent winter viruses, coughs, and colds and not miss days from work or school. I think this is the perfect time to give your immune system a boost. We have had a good summer and some of you may have gotten a boost of Vitamin D, but now that we are in October already your levels could be depleting. In my opinion, now is the perfect time. Colds, flu, and sore throats are on the rounds so why not do the best you can to support your immune system now,

But what are the best supplements to take? As you know there are many supplements to choose, it can be very confusing.

Vitamin D, Beta Glucans, Elderberry, vitamin C, and Zinc are just some of the supplements that you will have heard about that can help. These supplements can help to fight off some of the bacteria and viruses that frequently attack your immune system. You can choose which ones you want to take or you can find a variety of combination products with a mix of these nutrients.

Solgar Beta Glucan & Elderberry Complex Support Immunity Naturally

Solgar ‘s Beta Glucans & Elderberry Immune Complex is one of these blends, it contains a mix of immune supporting nutrients in one unique blend. Removing the need for having to buy several supplements. It contains Elderberry which is one of my favourite herbs. It has a long history of traditional use for helping relieve colds, flus, and sinus infections. It also contains 2,000 IUs of Vitamin D. We now know from research that most of us are possibly deficient in vitamin D, so it would be no harm in topping it up. There is lots of research on the benefits of Vitamin D for immune support with it's natural antiviral properties. This complex also contains 400mg of Ester C, a patented and highly absorbable form of vitamin C which lasts in the body for a full 24 hours and is more effective that other vitamin C products on the market. It also contains the immune-supporting Zinc which is at a decent dose of 15mg. It also contains Beta Glucans. These prepare the immune system for attack. In simple terms, I think of them, almost like a bow and arrow that is poised and ready to fire at pathogens that enter the blood stream. There is a lot of research being done on Beta Glucans on how they work to help support the immune system.

I think Solgar’s Beta Glucans& Elderberry Immune Complex is a fantastic blend to support your immune system. One supplement instead of several, sounds good to me. It was created to for when you need additional immune support, such as winter months or periods of increased exercise or stress.

Foods to support immunity

A balanced diet is an important step in having a healthy immune system. A mix of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and oily fish. A healthy gut is an important step to having a healthy immune system. Foods that support gut health like sugar free natural yoghurt, Kimchi, and Sauerkraut can all be beneficial.

Aim to have a source of antioxidants daily to help protect your immune system too, they protect the cells in the body from damage from all the bad guys attacking the cells. Antioxidants are found naturally in berries, goji berries, brightly coloured fruit, and vegetables, as well as turmeric, garlic and ginger. Oh, and good quality cacao like Nibbed Cacao Block brand is a natural source of antioxidants too. Herbal teas are also great, Pukka Elderberry and Echinacea, or Yogi Echinacea Tea are good options. Green tea is also a good source of antioxidants. Variety is the spice of life so mix it up and get a nice mix of nutrients every day.

Sleep is important because if you don't sleep well your body is not getting a chance to recoup itself. Aim to get regular sleep by going to bed at the same time, switching off electronic devices, and have a cup of herbal to tea to aid relaxation if needed.

Exercise too is good as exercise supports circulation and your lymphatic system helping them to do their jobs properly.

It’s not too early to start supporting your immune system.

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