How To Improve Your Recovery After Viral Illness

Are you struggling to get back to normal?

It can be a struggle to get back to normal after any illness, but it seems a lot of you are suffering from long Covid. Exhaustion, respiratory problems, aches and pains, cognitive function, and lowered immunity are symptoms of long Covid19. I have a couple of articles recently about tiredness so I won’t address that here.

Put a pep in your step

To support immunity the main supplements I think of are vitamin D, C, Zinc, and Echinacea. One Nutrition Revive and Go Immunity is a new one to us at the shop. It contains highly absorbable forms of vitamin C and Zinc in one formula. I like it because the vitamin C is made from a patented formula called Pureway C which is bound to a plant-based fat. This helps the vitamin C to get to the cells where it’s needed without being destroyed. It’s also retained in the cells for longer than other forms of vitamin C. It’s shown in clinical studies to be 223% more absorbable than ascorbic acid. Zinc Citrate is the ideal form to support the immune system. It comes in a one a day capsule and is gentle on the stomach. Revive and Go supports energy and immunity.

Mullein for congestion

I am seeing lots of people who simply cannot shift a cough. If that's you and you have a lingering cough, you could consider Irish Botanica Botanical Syrup, this is a syrup that customers get great results with. It contains mullein, a herb many of you are looking for as well as plantain, white horehound, and vitamin C. Mullein may be helpful for congestion and chesty coughs. Another great thing about this syrup is that it contains ginseng. Ginseng is a natural remedy to help cope with stress and who isn't stressed if they have been coughing for a long time. Irish Botanica Botanical Syrup is an Irish Brand formulated by an Irish Herbalist David Foley. A.Vogel Ivy Thyme herbal tincutre is another popular choice used by many of our customers. Herbal teas like Yogi Breathe Deep Tea that contain licourice can be helpful too.

The benefites of NAC

NAC is something everyone is talking about, Davina Dowling Nutritional Therapist explains why; “Traditionally, NAC known for its role in the detoxification system in the body. It is a special amino acid that dramatically increases glutathione which is needed to support the liver in helping to remove toxins. In terms of its use for Covid 19 purposes, NAC is a powerful antioxidant which reduces inflammatory proteins released due to the virus as well as promoting healthy lung tissue and thinning mucus. It is recommended to take 500mg twice a day.”

Magnesium for aching muscles

Magnesium is a good option for aching muscles, either in supplement form, or external products like BetterYou Magnesium Oil Spray that can be sprayed onto the skin. Some people are feeling sore around the chest and back from all the coughing. This magnesium oil spray could be a good option to give some relief for muscle tension caused by this. Magnesium is supportive for energy, muscle, heart, and lung health too.

How to deal with "Foggy Brain"

Foggy brain is an issue lots of you are experiencing after viral infection. Your brain simply feels tired and you might be feeling it difficult to pull sentences together. Nutritional supplements like CoQ10, B vitamins, and Omega oils, may help improve sluggish cognitive function. There are many options avaiable to choose from.

Everyone is different, but hopefully some of these tips will help you recover so that you can get back on track again.

Let's get you back on track

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