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Vega Food Intolerance Testing

The Vega Test does not involve taking any blood. You simply hold an electrode which connects you with the Vega Machine and Clair uses a probe to press against your hand as she scrolls through a menu of food items looking for a drop on the dial as she checks each food. This drop indicates intolerance, a resistance to the food substance. You get the results on the same day. Clair is available for any questions that may arise once you go home and read through your sheet. A follow-on test is highly recommended, so that you can get back to enjoying most of the foods again.

Clair Whitty has been a Vega Food Intolerance Tester for many years. Over the years Clair has listened to her clients and has taken their feedback on board. This has led her to develop a very unique test. She not only provides a food sensitivity test, Clair provides her clients with the tools needed to follow the program. Clair knows just how hard it is to stay off the foods you love. 

Finding out what foods suit you is one of the most important steps that you can take on your journey to health.

Cost :

Initial Test and Consultation - €60.00

Follow-Up Test -  €30.00

To book call: 086 3970874 or 053 9121613