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Angel Card Readings

Linda holds weekly Angel Card Readings at the clinic. Linda uses a compassionate and thoughtful approach in her Angel Card Readings along with her Spiritual healing while using her Psychic Gifts. She helps people to travel along their spiritual Journey.

With her natural talent she will assist you to come together with your Angels and Spirit Guides, in body, mind, emotions, and spirit helping you become a magnet for angelic healing and facilitate you in asking angelic guardians to intervene by directing healing energy to wherever it is needed.

Cost - Full -  Angel Reading €60.00

          Short - Angel Reading €30.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


Linda Shalloe Complementary Therapist (CACRTM Accredited to Doreen Virtue) - Angel Therapy Practitioner, Hypnotist, Bio Energy Therapist, Reiki Healer, Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator.

As a Complementary Therapist, I provide a caring and a non-judgmental approach with all my clients, treating each and every client individually, considerately and confidentially. I treat the Mind, Body and Spirit as a whole, allowing you to heal from within. I endeavour to help clients increase their own self-care and bring balance to their lives.

Angel Card Readings & Therapeutic Spiritual Psychic Mediumship.

I will always use a compassionate and thoughtful approach with you during your Angel Card Reading, along with Spiritual Healing and using my Psychic Mediumship abilities which, I regard as a gift.My readings are straight and to the point, honest, accurate and insightful. I will assist you in understanding why your life is the way it is and what you can do to make the necessary changes.

Angels are there to help us to live our lives in a better manner and solve problems. They help to keep our lives on an even keel, and support us through troubled times. In fact, they often keep trouble away from us. When we learn to read the signs they offer, then we can avoid problem situations. They can also reassure you when you begin to doubt yourself. Asking the angels for help is important. As soon as you ask, you set up a line of contact which enables them to come closer to you and help you. This is really very important; ask, ask, ask! Your guardian angel is your first port of call; he or she is waiting for contact and waiting for the chance to help you.
My aim is to help you travel along your Journey naturally, therapeutically, and easily, whether that is Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically or Soulfully ensuring you will travel with ease, gaining clarity & understanding in every aspect of your life with help from your Guardian Angels, Angels, Individual Spiritual Guides and Passed Loved ones, helping you attract Angelic Healing and facilitate you in asking your Angelic Guardians to intervene by directing healing energy and guidance to wherever it is needed. .


Angel Card Reading Workshops

In my Angel Card Workshops my aim is to help you open your heart, eyes and mind to the healing power of Angels, to help you connect to your Angel within, and the Angel within others, your own Guardian Angel and the Angelic realm.

I teach simple Angel healing methods, meditation and Angel card readings and I take you on a wonderful journey through guided visualisations to meet your own Angel guardian and various Arch Angels.
So please join with me on your own Angel healing journey with Angels and Arch Angels and learn how to bring Angel light and love into your life and that of your loved ones.

Please contact me for more information on 0877548039 or visit my website